Kenro Universal Charger

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Kenro Universal Charger
Kenro Universal Charger
Kenro Universal Charger

The Kenro Universal charger is a high quality product designed to charge AA and AAA batteries together with Digital Cameras, Smartphones, MP3 players etc via a USB cable.

Supplied in a retail blister pack. With UK plug and additional car charging adapter.

Pack includes: Universal Charger, AC Power adapter, DC Car Cord, Instruction Manual.

Products are supplied to trade customers only, current stockists are listed in our Where to Buy section at the top of this page.

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Main Features:

1 Charges the majority of 3.6-3.7V / 7.2-7.4V Li-ion battery packs, 1-2pc 3.6V round cells (LIR123A), 1-2pc NiMh / NiCd AA or AAA batteries, square batteries for camcorders and digital cameras etc, as well as MP3 / MP4 and mobile phones via the USB 2.0 port

2 Microprocessor identifies 3.6-3.7V / 7.2-7.4V Li-Ion batteries and NiMh / NiCd cells and their +/- poles, and adjusts to charge automatically

3 USB 2.0 port allows charging of electronic devices (Digital Camera, MP3, Smartphone, Tablet etc) directly via a USB cable, ie no need to take out the batteries

4 Controls fast / trickle charge accurately to ensure the batteries are charged swiftly and fully

5.Low-voltage battery activation. Over-voltage, short-circuit and over-time protections and defective battery detection

    Product Dimensions 112x65x65mm
    AC Input Voltage 100-240V AC
    DC Input 12V DC 800mA
    Battery Size AA/AAA Nim: 3.6-3.7V Li-Ion LIR123A
    USB Output 5V DC 600mA max
    Car Adapter Included
    Li-Ion Charge Output Rating 4.2-4.3V 800mA
    NiMh/ NiCd Output Rating 2* 1.4V 700mA max
    LED Indicator Yes 2
    Reverse Polarity Detection Yes
    Over Temperature Protection Yes
    Short Circuit Protection Yes
    Bad Battery Protection Yes

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