Q:          Nissin updates for Fuji X-T2 – Fuji X-Pro2 v2.0

Ans:       Fuji have now released their own updates, if you update the firmware on your X-T2 to v1.10 or your X-Pro2 to v2.01, this resolves the compatibility issue with the i40 Fuji.  These updates can be found on the Fuji website.  Updated i40s will still work with these new updates.

Any further queries, please get in contact using the Contact us page on our website or email steve@kenro.co.uk

Q:          Some products are marked OFFER how do I obtain full details. 

Ans:       These special offer products are available to our Trade customers only and can only be seen by logging in to your account, full details are sent out via email, or please contact the Sales Office via email sales@kenro.co.uk or your Area Sales Manager for further information.

Q.          Where can I buy your products?

Ans:       Film storage products including: ringbinders, negative filing pages, negative bags, and other traditional Kenro products are available for purchase by the general public from most traditional photo retailers.  Kenro supply these products direct to Trade outlets only.  Please see our Where to Buy section for more details.

              Kenro Photo Albums and Frames are sold direct to Trade outlets only.  

Q.          How do I order online / open a trading account?

Ans.       You can only order online if you have an account with us and have registered for online ordering. Please go to the login tab at the top of this page, and follow the instructions.  Alternatively please contact the Sales Office on sales@kenro.co.uk

Q.          I have forgotten my Username and Password, can you send me a reminder?

Ans:       Please use the login tab at the top of this page or contact the Sales Office for further assistance

Q.          How much does it cost for delivery?

Ans:       The carriage charge is £7.50 on all orders under £150 (excluding VAT). Orders over £150 (excluding VAT) are all carriage free.  Orders are generally despatched using DPD delivery, however, if orders are very large we reserve the right to deliver by pallet, please see following Q and Ans.  Orders are delivered Monday - Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

Q.          If I place a large order is this delivered by pallet?

Ans:       Large orders may be delivered by our 3 day pallet service, this service is used when orders are large, e.g. include outers of poster frames or large quantities of photo albums.  We use this service to ensure that goods reach you in the best possible condition.  If you are not able to accept pallet deliveries and are placing a large order, please state this in the Special Instructions or advise your Area Sales Manager at the time of ordering to avoid difficulties in receiving your order.

Q.          How do I use the ordering system on the Trade Order site?

Ans:       Full instructions are on this downloadable User Guide, for further queries please contact the sales office

Q.          What are your Terms and Conditions?

Ans:       Our Terms and Conditions are available at the foot of the page, also available here as a downloadable pdf.

Q.          What are your opening hours?

Ans:       Our general office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm Mon-Fri.  Our showroom is available by prior appointment only to TRADE customers. Our warehouse is open for deliveries between 8.30am and 4.30pm Mon-Fri.  We are not open on Bank Holidays.

 Q:         Do you have a technical department?

Ans:       Yes, we can answer technical questions on Kenro products, Kenro Tripods, Nissin, Marumi, Braun etc. All questions can be sent via email to steve@kenro.co.uk Steve is our technical support, with apologies Steve is only available via email and will reply to your queries as soon as he can.

Q.          Do Nissin products have a warranty?

Ans:       Yes, Your Kenro Nissin flashgun is guaranteed for 2 years after purchase from defects as follows:

In the event of any fault in your Kenro Nissin product, please return it (together with proof of purchase) direct to Kenro or via the Kenro stockist from whom it was purchased. Kenro will repair or replace the product providing the defect is not due to wear and tear, misuse, accidental damage, or attempted modification or repair by an unauthorised party. This guarantee is in addition to your existing legal rights - your statutory rights are not affected.  Please contact steve@kenro.co.uk with any queries - with apologies Steve is only available via email and will reply to your queries as soon as he can.

Q.          Do you offer a repair service on your Nissin products?

Ans:       Yes, depending on the item we are able to offer a repair service. Please contact steve@kenro.co.uk to request further information, he will reply to your email as soon as he can.

Q.          Do Kenro tripods have a warranty?

Ans:       Yes, your Kenro tripod carries a limited guarantee for 6 years after purchase.  The warranty card is supplied with the product and is also available here as a pdf: Kenro Warranty Card.

Q.          Do Sevenoaks products have a warranty?

Ans:       Yes, your Sevenoak product is guaranteed for 2 years after purchase from a Kenro UK dealer.

Q.            Do NanGuang products have a warranty?

Ans:        Yes, your NanGuang product is guaranteed for 2 years after purchase from a Kenro UK dealer.

Q.            Do Saramonic products have a warranty?

 Ans:        Yes, your Saramonic product is guaranteed for 2 years after purchase from a Kenro UK dealer.