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Karoo Travel Tripods


Karoo Travel Tripod Kits

With models from entry level, to professional, to heavy duty, Kenro's tripod kits are expertly designed and engineered for exceptional value and years of good, reliable service. Manufactured in eight layers of high quality carbon fibre or in magnesium aluminium alloy, each tripod is supplied as a kit with convenient carry case and a matched ball head, and comes with a six year limited warranty.

Designed to be compact and travel-friendly without compromising on stability or ease of use, these tripods have twist-lock legs that adjust out with stops in three positions for low level photography, plus a retractable hook underneath the centre column for attaching weights for added stability. With the exception of the entry-level model (KENTR103), all tripods are also supplied with both standard and short centre columns, have rubber and spiked feet for all kinds of terrain, and feature a removable leg for conversion to a monopod when space is at a premium.

Ball head & carry case included
Rubber and spiked feet
6-year warranty
Twist-lock legs
Standard and short centre columns
Retractable hook


Most Versatile

Karoo Ultimate Travel Tripod Kits

Aluminium: KENTR401
Carbon fibre: KENTR401C

Designed with the travelling photographer in mind, these multi award-winning Karoo Ultimate Travel Tripod kits are available in a choice of aluminium or carbon fibre. These versatile travel tripod kits feature a pivoting centre column that switches between horizontal and vertical in seconds using an easy ball action.


Most Compact

Karoo Small Travel Tripod Kit

Aluminium: KENTR103
Entry-level budget tripod

The smallest and lightest in our Karoo Travel Tripod range, the KENTR103 is light but durable, as well as stable in use with a load capacity of 8kg. This budget-friendly aluminium tripod features a two-section locking centre column and is supplied with a matched dual action ball head.


Great Value

Karoo Professional Travel Tripod Kit (Large)

Aluminium: KENTR202

Get an incredible deal on a quality tripod that will last for years. The Karoo Professional Travel Tripod Kit (Large) has a maximum load capacity of 12kg and is manufactured in high quality magnesium aluminium alloy. Supplied with a matched dual action ball head.


Best Stability

Kenro Heavy Duty Tripod Kit

Carbon Fibre: KENTR501C
Strong, sturdy, all-terrain tripod

This heavy duty carbon fibre tripod is ultra stable in use and boasts a maximum load capacity of 14kg. Supplied with reversible standard and short centre columns, a durable carry bag and a matched triple action ball head, this versatile tripod has rubber and spiked feet for secure use in any terrain.



Compare Specifications

Material Aluminium Carbon Fibre Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Carbon Fibre Carbon Fibre
No. of sections 5 4 4 4 4 4 4
Max. leg diameter 22mm 25mm 25mm 27mm 28mm 28mm 30mm
Min. leg diameter 10mm 15mm 15mm 19mm 18mm 18mm 22mm
Max. working height 1614mm 1635mm 1647mm 1641mm 1940mm 1870mm 1680mm
Min. working height 385mm 220mm 237mm 250mm 205mm 205mm 262mm
Folded length 375mm 475mm 464mm 470mm 480mm 480mm 600mm
Weight 1.12kg 1.44kg 1.58kg 1.88kg 2.15kg 1.93kg 2.2kg
Detachable monopod No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max. monopod height N/A 1735mm 1723mm 1730mm 1765mm 1775mm 1740mm
Ball head Dual action Triple action Dual action Dual action Dual action Triple action Triple action
Price £49.99 £119.99 £89.99 £99.99 £149.99 £199.99 £199.99
See 103 See 104C See 201 See 202 See 401 See 401C See 501C



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