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Kenair Aerosol Cleaning Products

Kenair Cleaning Products & Accessories


Kenair Clean Air Duster and Accessories

Kenair has been blowing away the competition for over 40 years with its industry-leading range of compressed air and cleaning products. Our flagship product, the Kenair Air Duster, is a high performance cleaner used and trusted in industries the world over, including the film industry, digital photo industry, computer and electronics industries, engineering and scientific, maintenance companies, and many more. Whether you're a hobbyist or an expert, if you need a quality, controllable, high pressure air duster, you've come to the right place.


Kenair Clean Air Duster & Master Kit

The most recent version of the Kenair Air Duster uses an eco-friendly ultra low Global Warming Potential (GWP) propellant. Kenro was one of the first companies to adopt this technology in an air duster, for an ozone friendly formula that complies with the latest EU regulations on fluorinated gases (EU No. 517 / 2014). Use it to blow dust, fluff, lint, grit or other debris from surfaces or cavities - watch the video below to see it in action.

The superior Kenair Actuator Valve (KENRO4) gives you a powerful, controllable jet of gas (65psi internal can at normal room temperature, 4.5 bar), and can be reused with multiple cans. A dust vac attachment (TD122) is available separately to convert the blower into a mini vacuum clean with soft tip, to suck small particles and debris into the attached chamber. The Clean Air Duster is available as a 360ml refill can (KENR02), or as a master kit (KENR01) including one can and one resuable actuator valve.


Kenair Lens Cleaner

This high quality 150ml aerosol cleans, polishes and demists camera lenses and optical equipment of all kinds. Use it on glass, mirrors, Perspex, plastic, ceramic, acrylic, porcelain, camera lenses, and optical instrument lenses for a good-as-new finish.


Kenair Anti-Reflect

Reduce reflection and glare in filmmaking and photography with Kenair's 400ml Anti-Reflect sprays, with special formulations available for black or white surfaces, as well as the original full matt version for highly reflective surfaces like glass and mirrors. Easy to wipe off after use with a soft, dry cloth.




About Kenro

Kenro is an independent, family-run, UK-based business. We started trading in 1973, and ever since then we have been supplying the photographic and gift industry with expertly curated products including photography hardware and accessories, film making equipment, photo frames, photo albums, and more. The products and the technology keep changing, but our unique blend of knowledge and service makes us one of the most dependable, trusted and straightforward photographic distributors around today.

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