Macro X3

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Marumi Digital High Grade Macro X3 Filters have been specially designed with Digital Photography in mind.

Each filter uses a specially developed ultra-low reflection coating to minimize internal reflection off the cameras built-in CCD and CMOS Sensors.

Other anti-reflect features include a special slim frame with satin smooth finish and a black ink process on the glass edge to eliminate flare. The DHG Macro 3 shortens the focal distance of any lens and enhances its close-focus capability.

DHG49MAC3 DHG Macro X3 Filter 49mm 4957638064064 IN STOCK £14.15
DHG52MAC3 DHG Macro X3 Filter 52mm 4957638064071 IN STOCK £14.40
DHG55MAC3 DHG Macro X3 Filter 55mm 4957638064088 IN STOCK £15.50
DHG58MAC3 DHG Macro X3 Filter 58mm 4957638064095 IN STOCK £16.55
DHG62MAC3 DHG Macro X3 Filter 62mm 4957638064101 IN STOCK £20.45
DHG67MAC3 DHG Macro X3 Filter 67mm 4957638064118 IN STOCK £22.75
DHG72MAC3 DHG Macro X3 Filter 72mm 4957638064125 IN STOCK £27.05
DHG77MAC3 DHG Macro X3 Filter 77mm 4957638064132 IN STOCK £31.10