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The Sevenoak SKFX1 is a professional follow focus lens device manufactured in anodised aluminium.

It is designed to be attached to a 15mm rod support system and features a magnetic marking disc, lightweight design and adjustable height gear drive. It can be mounted as preferred, either to the left or right of the lens. The gearbox has left or right function to enable the wheel spin, which pulls the lens focus to run in either direction.

This Follow Focus includes 3 different sizes of lens gear rings: 66-77mm, 77-88mm, and 88-99mm.

Because of its adjustable gear drive height, the SKFX1 may be used with a wide range of lenses.

Key Features:

1. Compatible with standard 15mm rail systems

2. Smooth, fluid movements for easy focus adjustment

3. Easy to set up and remove

4. Flippable gear drive with adjustable height

5. Use either side of the lens

6. Lightweight durable aluminium construction

7. Size 23.5 x 14cm

8. Weight 0.36kg

9. Kit includes: Follow Focus, 66-77mm gear ring, 77-88mm gear ring, 88-99mm gear ring and Instruction book

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