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Pro Series Camera Stabilisers

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The Sevenoak Camera Stabilizer Pro Series is a professional precision built hand held camera stabilising system designed for Camcorders and DSLR Cameras.

Its features include a flexible hand grip, three axis gimbal, adjustable counterweight discs, front and back trim screws and quick release camera mounting platform.

This stabilising system facilitates extremely smooth shooting even when working at extremes e.g. filming whilst running up and down stairs.

Main Features:

1. Quick release camera mounting platform

2. Precision forward and back trim screw and side to side trim screw

3. Precision 3 axis gimbal

4. Adjustable dynamic balance

5. Rigid Aluminium build

6. Lightweight design

7. Adjustable counterweight discs

Maximum Load SKSW01- 4.5kg SKSW02- 3.5kg SKSW03- 3kg
Maximum Height SKSW01- 75cm SKSW02- 59cm SKSW03- 44cms
Minimum Height SKSW01- 50.8cm SKSW02- 39cm SKSW03- 31cm
SKSW01 Big-Cam Stabiliser 4897040880695 IN STOCK £149.99
SKSW02 Mid-Cam Stabiliser 4897040880701 IN STOCK £119.99
SKSW03 Mini-Cam Stabiliser 4897040880718 OUT OF STOCK -
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