Heavy Duty Camera Sliders - SKHD range

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Once the sole prerogative of the high-end movie industry, a camera slider helps the user to create professional-looking footage with smooth and stable horizontal camera movement. This must-have effect adds a polished finish to your movie production.

Sevenoak Heavy Duty Camera Sliders are designed for those requiring a more robust slider for heavier camera rigs.

They feature heavy duty aluminium construction with adjustable feet and precision bearings for smooth, quiet operation. They can be used standalone or across one or two tripods, are compatible with most camera and tripod heads, and are suitable for use with DSLR cameras and camcorders.

Main Features:

1. Built with precision bearings

2. Heavy duty aluminium construction

3. Can be used standalone or on tripod(s)

4. Adjustable foldable feet

Size SKHD75-75cm SKHD100B-100cm SKHD120B-120cm
Maximum Load SKHD75-15kg SKHD100B-12kg SKHD120B-10kg
Dimensions SKHD75-14x12x75cm SKHD100B-14x12x100cm SKHD120B-14x12x120cm
Weight SKHD75-3.18kg SKHD100B-3.81kg SKHD120B-4.3kg
SKHD75 Camera Slider - 75cm 4897040884563 IN STOCK £119.99
SKHD120B Camera Slider - 120cm 4897040886048 IN STOCK £179.99