Avenue Series

In addition to the black, white and rose gold colours (see below), Kenro's very popular and versatile series of Avenue frames is also available in a tarnish resistant silver plated option, in a wide range of formats including popular photo sizes, square sizes and hinged twin frames in both portrait and landscape display modes.

The flat, 5mm wide profile has a reflective, polished silver finish. Each frame features a removable white bevel picture mat for a generous picture border, and is finished with a luxury black velour-lined back. Frames are supplied bubble wrapped in individual white boxes. All single aperture frames have fixings for wall hanging as well as freestanding easel backs.

AVE0808S Avenue Frame 5x5" Mat 3x3" Silver 5023168043004 IN STOCK £10.70
AVE1010S Avenue Frame 5x5" Mat 4x4" Silver 5023168043011 IN STOCK £10.70
AVE1015S Avenue Series Silver Plated Frame 6x4" / 10x15cm 5023168041147 IN STOCK £12.99
AVE1015S/2P Avenue Twin Frames 8x6" Mats 6x4" Silver (Portrait) 5023168043035 IN STOCK £29.45
AVE1015S/2L Avenue Twin Frames 8x6" Mats 6x4" Silver (Landscape) 5023168044728 IN STOCK £29.45
AVE1313S Avenue Frame 7x7" Mat 5x5" Silver 5023168043028 IN STOCK £15.55
AVE1318S Avenue Series Silver Plated Frame 7x5" / 13x18cm 5023168041154 IN STOCK £16.99
AVE1318S/2P Avenue Twin Frames 9x7" Mats 7x5" Silver (Portrait) 5023168043042 IN STOCK £34.70
AVE1520S Avenue Series Silver Plated Frame 8x6" / 15x20cm 5023168041161 IN STOCK £19.99
AVE2025S Avenue Series Silver Plated Frame 8x10" / 20x25cm 5023168041178 IN STOCK £24.99