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Rio Series

Rio Frames have a generous 30mm wide profile and are handcrafted in solid rubberwood in Black, White, Natural and Dark Oak finishes.

Frames up to 11x14 inch have free standing easel backs with wall hanging fitments, larger sizes are wall hanging.

Supplied shrink wrapped in individual white boxes.

RF1015B Rio Frame 6x4"/10x15cm Black 5023168032268 IN STOCK £9.99
RF1015M Rio Frame 6x4"/10x15cm Dark Oak 5023168032312 IN STOCK £9.99
RF1015N Rio Frame 6x4"/10x15cm Natural 5023168032367 IN STOCK £9.99
RF1015WH Rio Frame 6x4"/10x15cm White 5023168035979 OUT OF STOCK -
Due Approx. : 28-Jan-2022
RF1318B Rio Frame 7x5"/13x18cm Black 5023168032275 IN STOCK £10.99
RF1318M Rio Frame 7x5"/13x18cm Dark Oak 5023168032329 IN STOCK £10.99
RF1318N Rio Frame 7x5"/13x18cm Natural 5023168032374 IN STOCK £10.99
RF1318WH Rio Frame 7x5"/13x18cm White 5023168035986 IN STOCK £10.99
RF1515B Rio Square Frame 6x6"/15x15cm Black 5023168042229 IN STOCK £12.49
RF1515M Rio Square Frame 6x6"/15x15cm Dark Oak 5023168042236 IN STOCK £12.49
RF1515N Rio Square Frame 6x6"/15x15cm Natural 5023168042243 IN STOCK £12.49
RF1515WH Rio Square Frame 6x6"/15x15cm White 5023168042250 OUT OF STOCK -
Please contact Customer
Services for availability
RF1520B Rio Frame 8x6"/15x20cm Black 5023168032282 IN STOCK £12.99
RF1520M Rio Frame 8x6"/15x20cm Dark Oak 5023168032336 OUT OF STOCK -
Due Approx. : 12-Nov-2021
RF1520N Rio Frame 8x6"/15x20cm Natural 5023168032381 IN STOCK £12.99
RF1520WH Rio Frame 8x6"/15x20cm White 5023168035993 IN STOCK £12.99
RF2020B Rio Square Frame 8x8"/20x20cm Black 5023168042267 IN STOCK £14.99
RF2020M Rio Square Frame 8x8"/20x20cm Dark Oak 5023168042274 IN STOCK £14.99
RF2020N Rio Square Frame 8x8"/20x20cm Natural 5023168042281 IN STOCK £14.99
RF2020WH Rio Square Frame 8x8"/20x20cm White 5023168042298 IN STOCK £14.99
RF2025B Rio Frame 8x10"/20x25cm Black 5023168032299 IN STOCK £15.99
RF2025M Rio Frame 8x10"/20x25cm Dark Oak 5023168032343 IN STOCK £15.99
RF2025N Rio Frame 8x10"/20x25cm Natural 5023168032398 IN STOCK £15.99
RF2025WH Rio Frame 8x10"/20x25cm White 5023168036006 IN STOCK £15.99
RF2030B Rio Frame 8x12"/20x30cm Black 5023168032305 IN STOCK £16.99
RF2030M Rio Frame 8x12"/20x30cm Dark Oak 5023168032350 IN STOCK £16.99
RF2030N Rio Frame 8x12"/20x30cm Natural 5023168032404 IN STOCK £16.99
RF2030WH Rio Frame 8x12"/20x30cm White 5023168036013 IN STOCK £16.99
RF2130B Rio Frame A4/21x29.7cm Black 5023168032930 OUT OF STOCK -
Due Approx. : 28-Jan-2022
RF2130M Rio Frame A4/21x29.7cm Dark Oak 5023168032947 IN STOCK £17.99
RF2130N Rio Frame A4/21x29.7cm Natural 5023168032923 IN STOCK £17.99
RF2130WH Rio Frame A4/21x29.7cm White 5023168037430 IN STOCK £17.99
RF2530B Rio Frame 12x10"/25x30cm Black 5023168032879 IN STOCK £20.99
RF2530M Rio Frame 12x10"/25x30cm Dark Oak 5023168032886 IN STOCK £20.99
RF2530N Rio Frame 12x10"/25x30cm Natural 5023168032862 IN STOCK £20.99
RF2530WH Rio Frame 12x10"/25x30cm White 5023168037447 OUT OF STOCK -
Please contact Customer
Services for availability
RF2835B Rio Frame 11x14"/28x35cm Black 5023168035290 IN STOCK £24.99
RF2835M Rio Frame 11x14"/28x35cm Dark Oak 5023168035306 IN STOCK £24.99
RF2835N Rio Frame 11x14"/28x35cm Natural 5023168035313 IN STOCK £24.99
RF3040B Rio Frame 12x16"/30x40cm Black 5023168032992 IN STOCK £27.99
RF3040M Rio Frame 12x16"/30x40cm Dark Oak 5023168033005 IN STOCK £27.99
RF3040N Rio Frame 12x16"/30x40cm Natural 5023168032985 IN STOCK £27.99
RF3040WH Rio Frame 12x16"/30x40cm White 5023168037461 IN STOCK £27.99
RFA3B Rio Frame A3/42x29.7cm Black 5023168032961 IN STOCK £29.99
RFA3M Rio Frame A3/42x29.7cm Dark Oak 5023168032978 IN STOCK £29.99
RFA3N Rio Frame A3/42x29.7cm Natural 5023168032954 IN STOCK £29.99
RF3046B Rio Frame 12x18"/30x46cm Black 5023168032909 IN STOCK £30.99
RF3046M Rio Frame 12x18"/30x46cm Dark Oak 5023168032916 IN STOCK £30.99
RF3046WH Rio Frame 12x18"/30x46cm White 5023168037478 IN STOCK £30.99
RF4050B Rio Frame 20x16"/40x50cm Black 5023168035351 IN STOCK £36.99
RF4050M Rio Frame 20x16"/40x50cm Dark Oak 5023168035368 IN STOCK £36.99
RF4050WH Rio Frame 20x16"/40x50cm White 5023168037485 IN STOCK £36.99
RFA2M Rio Frame A2/42x59.4cm Dark Oak 5023168035337 IN STOCK £44.99
RFA2WH Rio Frame A2 White 5023168037508 IN STOCK £44.99