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Senator Prestige Oak Series

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The Senator Prestige Oak Series is a beautifully crafted range of high quality, solid oak frames in our very popular Senator design. This comprehensive, luxury range is available in 14 popular photo and square sizes. Each frame is supplied with a removable white picture mat, giving two size options in one frame. These frames have a flat profile 20mm wide by 29.5mm deep, with a smooth finish showing the natural colouring and grain of the oak. Senator Series frames are supplied shrink wrapped, with protective card corners in an individual bubble bag.

SNF1015K Senator Prestige Oak 7x5 Frame w/ 6x4 mat 5023168045107 OUT OF STOCK -
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Services for availability
SNF1318K Senator Prestige Oak 8x6 Frame w/ 7x5 mat 5023168045114 IN STOCK £11.99
SNF1515K Senator Prestige Oak Square Frame 8x8" w/ 6x6 mat 5023168045121 IN STOCK £13.99
SNF1520K Senator Prestige Oak 8x10 Frame w/ 8x6 mat 5023168045138 IN STOCK £14.99
SNF2020K Senator Prestige Oak Square Frame 12x12 w/ mat 8x8 5023168045145 IN STOCK £19.99
SNF2025K Senator Prestige Oak 10x12 Frame w/ 8x10 mat 5023168045152 OUT OF STOCK -
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SNF2030K Senator Prestige Oak 11x14 Frame w/ 8x12 mat 5023168045169 IN STOCK £20.99
SNF2130K Senator Prestige Oak A3 Frame w/ A4 mat 5023168045176 IN STOCK £23.99
SNF2315K Senator Prestige Oak A4 Frame w/ 9x6 mat 5023168045183 IN STOCK £16.99
SNF2530K Senator Prestige Oak 30x40cm Frame w/ mat 12x10 5023168045190 IN STOCK £22.99
SNF3030K Senator Prestige Oak Square Frame 50x50cm w/ mat 12x12 5023168045206 IN STOCK £35.99
SNF3040K Senator Prestige Oak 40x50cm Frame w/ mat 30x40cm 5023168045213 OUT OF STOCK -
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Services for availability
SNFA3K Senator Prestige Oak A2 Frame w/ A3 mat 5023168045237 IN STOCK £36.99
SNFA2K Senator Prestige Oak 50x70cm Frame w/ A2 mat 5023168045220 IN STOCK £49.99
SNF5070K Senator Prestige Oak A1 Frame w/ mat 50x70cm 5023168059838 OUT OF STOCK -
Due Approx. : 12-Nov-2021