NanGuang Fresnel Studio Light Focus Lens NGCN18X

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This Fresnel Focusing Lens is supplied complete with a Bowens-type mount adapter and a set of barn doors, with mini bulldog clips for attaching colour gels or diffusers.

By adding this Fresnel lens to your studio light, you enable adjustment of the light focus angle from floodlight to spotlight (15-45 degrees) and can increase the intensity of the original light by up to 18 times.

Ideally suited for use with the NanGuang CN-P100WA, but compatible with most LED studio lights.

Key features:

1. CONVERT STUDIO LIGHT INTO FRESNEL LIGHT – Use this Fresnel Focusing lens to convert your existing studio lights into Fresnel lights for greater versatility without needing to replace existing kit.

2. COMPLETE KIT – Supplied with Fresnel lens, Bowens-type mount adapter, barn doors and mini bulldog clips for attaching colour gels or diffusors.

3. FLOODLIGHT TO SPOTLIGHT – Adjust the light focus angle from 15-45 degrees.

4. INCREASED BRIGHTNESS – Using the NanGuang CN-18X with your studio light can increase its intensity by up to 18 times.

5. UK WARRANTY – Supplied with a 2 year UK warranty.

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