CN30FC LED Fresnel Light 3-Light Kit with trolley case

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This professional quality lighting kit represents excellent value for money, comprising 3 CN30FC Fresnel light heads with barn doors, 3 power cables and adapters with light stand clamps to keep wires tidy, 3 sturdy light stands, 3 complete sets of filters (3200K, 4000K and 4800K) and 2 sets of filter bowls (white lumiquest, 3200K, 4000K and 4800K), all in an easy-to-transport fitted hard trolley case.

The CN30FC incorporates a Fresnel lens focusing from narrow to wide beam 12-35 degrees. Cooling is passive air and power is 240V AC. All 3 lights can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app, or by a 2.4G remote controller (not included).

For each head, the colour temperature is 5600K, and the maximum illumination is 2494LM, CRI 95.

Box Contents:

1. 3 x CN30FC Fresnel light heads

2. 3 x barn door sets

3. 3 x power adapters and cables

4. 3 x power adapter light stand clamps

5. 3 x light stands

6. 3 x filter sets (3200K / 4000K / 4800K)

7. 2 x filter bowl sets (white lumiquest / 3200K / 4000K / 4800K)

8. Fitted hard trolley case

Specifications per head
Number of LEDs 1 LED COB bulb
Average LED life 50,000 hours
Power source 240V AC adapter (included)
Power 30 Watts
Focusing 12-35 degrees
Cooling Passive air
Illumination 2494 LM
Brightness control Dimmer / Wi-Fi / 2.4G remote control
Colour temperature 5600-3200K stepless
CRI 95
Head dimensions 300 x 180 x 150mm
Head weight 1650g
NGCN30FC/3KHC CN30FC LED Fresnel Light 3-Light Kit with trolley case 6949987440741 IN STOCK £799.99
NGCN30F/BM NanGuang Bowens Mount Adapter for CN30F 6949987443124 IN STOCK £7.99