Nissin Easy Carry Little Kit

Nissin’s Easy Carry Little Kit (LS-20CS) is an all-in-one solution for light shaping and light handling. This multipurpose kit includes an LS-20C mini light stand, an adjustable 3-section extender, ball head, grip handle, and a mini softbox with adapter. This incredibly portable, compact and flexible kit can be taken anywhere, and is perfect for tabletop shoots or working within a confined space.

Kit contents

The LS-20C mini light stand is constructed of sturdy, lightweight carbon fibre (centre column) and aluminium (legs and supports), and has two sections with twist-lock adjustment. It folds down to a tiny 19cm, and weighs just 350g complete with ball head. Maximum working height is 45cm, minimum height is 26cm.

The 3-section extender can be attached to either the LS-20C light stand, or to the rubberised grip handle for handheld flash use. It is constructed of carbon fibre with twist-lock adjusters, and folds down to 37cm long. Minimum usable length is 44cm, maximum length is 72cm. When used in conjunction with the grip handle, this extender weighs 180g.

The grip handle is constructed of rubber and plastic, with a textured handle for comfort and security of grip. It is 19cm long and can be used with or without the extender. Used in conjunction with the extender pole, maximum length for use with handheld flash is 89cm. A wrist strap is included for additional security.

The tiny ball head gives complete 360 degree flexibility for flash positioning, and holds your flash and lighting modifiers securely in place, up to 1kg.

Finally the mini soft box, supplied with adjustable adapter for easy mounting onto the flash, has a translucent white surface, with a light distribution area measuring 30x18cm. The two together weigh 200g.

The complete kit weighs approximately 730g, and packs down neatly into a pair of black nylon carry bags: one for the stand and grip components, the other for the softbox and adapter.

Kit includes LS-20C mini light stand, 3-section extender, mini ball head, mini softbox, softbox adapter, grip handle, carry bag
Light stand maximum height 45cm
Light stand minimum height 26cm
Light stand folded length 19cm
Extender maximum length 72cm
Extender minimum length 44cm
Extender folded length 37cm
Ball head height 7cm
Mini softbox surface area 30x18cm
Kit weight 730g
Maximum working height (light stand plus extender) 89cm
Maximum handheld length (grip handle plus extender) 72cm
Maximum weight capacity 1kg
Item Code NFG026
Barcode 4938574028884
Unit of Measure Each
Unit Price £149.99
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