Nissin i600 Compact Speedlight

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The i600 is a compact, economical speedlight with TTL and HSS capabilities, as well as a solid GN60 output and 24-200mm zoom. Available in fits for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and Micro Four Thirds, this flashgun is just 11.2cm high and weighs 300g without batteries, making it one of the smallest and most lightweight in its performance class.

The built-in high speed sync functionality supports up to 1/8000s shutter speed, ideal for open aperture shots such as portrait with background blur, or high speed sports photos, even in bright ambient light.

Various slave settings offer flexible optical wireless flash options, and the beam angle can be adjusted automatically or manually from 24 to 200 millimetres, according to the angle of the lens being used. The flash head is equipped with a built-in diffusor that gives 16mm coverage, and a bounce card that can be extended and retracted even when a soft box is being used.

The flash head can be rotated left-right 180 degrees, and up 90 degrees, allowing photographers to bounce the flash off nearby surfaces for softer, less direct light.

The simple-to-use dial system on the back mirrors the functionality of the i40, with one dial for Mode and another for EV. With clear controls and three indicator lights, even beginners can get started quickly. Flash output can be corrected up to +/- 2 EV in ½ step increments, making this flash a great option whether shooting in a studio or outdoors.

Ideal for compact cameras, this flash measures 112 x 73 x 98mm, and operates on 4 AA batteries, with each new set of batteries lasting for 220-1500 flashes, and a recycle time of between 0.1 and 5.5 seconds, depending on the output used. This flash also features overheat protection and energy saving mode for maximum battery and product longevity.

Fits available Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Micro Four Thirds
Guide number GN60 (at 200mm zoom head position)
Focal length coverage 24-200mm (16mm when using built-in diffusor)
Power source 4 AA batteries (not included)
Recycle time 0.1-5.5 seconds
Number of flashes (approx) 220-1500 flashes
Flash duration 1/800 - 1/20,000 second
Colour temperature 5600K
Exposure control Canon: E-TTL II / E-TTL
Nikon: iTTL
Sony: PTTL
Fujifilm: TTL
Micro Four Thirds: TTL
Wireless mode Optical wireless TTL slave, non-TTL slave (SD, SF mode)
EV compensation +/- 2 EV in increments of 1/2 EV
Bounce position Up: 0-90 degrees; Left: 0-180 degrees; Right: 0-180 degrees
Flash exposure control 1st & 2nd curtain synchronisation, high speed sync, red eye reduction, slow sync (dependent on camera), FE/FV lock (set on camera)
AF-assist beam effective range 0.7 - 5 metres
Operation panel 2 selector dials (Function dial and Power dial)
Manual mode power ratio 1/256 - 1/1
Mode Auto, manual, SD, SF, wireless with A, B, C & channel selection
Dimensions 112 (H) x 73 (W) x 98 (D) mm
Weight 300g (excluding batteries)
NFG022C Nissin i600 Compact Speedlight for Canon 4938574060112 IN STOCK £149.95
NFG022N Nissin i600 Compact Speedlight for Nikon 4938574060129 IN STOCK £149.95
NFG022S Nissin i600 Compact Speedlight for Sony 4938574060136 IN STOCK £149.95
NFG022FJ Nissin i600 Compact Speedlight for Fujifilm 4938574060143 IN STOCK £149.95
NFG022FT Nissin i600 Compact Speedlight for Micro Four Thirds 4938574060150 IN STOCK £149.95