Nissin MF18 Macro Flash

Nissin Macro Flash MF18 incorporates a high level of creativity and professional features, and an impressive high power Guide Number 16m (100 ISO).

The flash head extends in diameter and will fit lenses from 49 to 82mm with mount adapters. The round flash tube and LED modelling lamps give even lighting.

Power ratio can be adjusted down to 1/1024 in the Fine Macro mode. Available for Canon, Sony or Nikon digital cameras.

Flash Power Control System

Canon: Full Auto Mode: E-TTL, E-TTL II Canon. Mode: E-TTL, E-TTL II Canon. Fine Macro Mode: 1/128-1/1024, 1/6 Ev steps Manual Mode: Full - 1/64, 1/3 Ev steps

Nikon: Full Auto Mode: TTL / i-TTL for Nikon. Mode: i-TTL for Nikon. Fine Macro Mode: 1/128-1/1024, 1/6 Ev steps Manual Mode: Full - 1/64, 1/3 Ev steps

Compatible cameras For Canon and Nikon Digital Camers
Guide number GN.16*(ISO100)
Focal Length Coverage 80 deg x 80 deg
Power source 4 x AA batteries
Recycling Time 0.1-5.5 sec (Alkaline, NiMH)
Number of flashes 120-800 *Depends on the mode
Rear curtain sync Yes
High Speed sync Yes (available in TTL mode only)
Ev compensation on flash -0.3 - + 0.3, 1/3 Ev steps
LED modelling lamps 4 units
Colour temperature 5600K at full power flash
Flash duration 1/700 seconds at full power (when A and B tube flash together) 1/300 seconds at full power flash (when A or B tube flash individually) 1/700-1/30,000 seconds (when A and B tube flash together)
Wireless Remote Flash Wireless TTL:Master, 4 Channels, 3 Groups (A, B and C) Mode:TTL / Manual, TTL flash ratio is adjustable Slave Flash:Digital Slave / Film Slave
Energy saving system Auto power Off, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 mins
Stand by mode 30 sec
Firmware update terminal USB
External power pack socket Nissin Power Pack PS300
Adapter Rings Suitable for lens from 49 to 82mm.
Pack includes Leather case, Adapter rings 52, 58, 62, 72, 77mm
Dimensions Main body:115 (w) x 65 (h) x 85 (d)mm / 4.5 x 2.6 x 3.3 ins Ring Flash:120 x 134 x 41 mm 4.7 x 5.3 x 1.6 ins
Weight 446g (without batteries)
NFG008C Nissin MF18 Macro Flash - Canon 4938574188014 IN STOCK £299.95
NFG008N Nissin MF18 Macro Flash - Nikon 4938574188021 IN STOCK £299.95
NFG008S Nissin MF18 Macro Flash - Sony 4938574188038 IN STOCK £299.95
NFG008A49 MF18 Lens adapter Ring 49mm 4938574189011 IN STOCK £29.95
NFG008A55 MF18 Lens adapter Ring 55mm 4938574189028 IN STOCK £29.95
NFG008A82 MF18 Lens adapter Ring 82mm 4938574189035 IN STOCK £29.95