Nissin MG10 High Powered Hammerhead Zoom Flash

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Nissin’s award-winning, next-generation MG10 is a high-powered flashgun featuring an external motorised zoom from 24 to 200mm. With the diffusor, it covers a wide angle of 18mm. This powerful zoom flash has a guide number of no less than 80 at 200mm, and 47.5 at 35mm zoom range.

With two 26650 Li-ion batteries, the MG10 boasts a superfast recycling time of only 1.5 seconds (3.5 seconds when using AA batteries), and is also equipped with a 9W LED modelling light for studio shoots, as well as being fully compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Micro Four Thirds and Leica systems. It also features a micro SD card slot, allowing users to easily update the firmware themselves when needed.

The flash is designed with an ergonomic hand grip for handheld use, as well as a standard adapter screw underneath for mounting to a tripod, light stand or other accessories. It is also supplied with an adaptive quick release ‘L’ bracket that can be mounted on the left or right of the camera for maximum usability. The built-in shutter release button gives even more flexibility when working off camera.

The MG10 is supplied with a AA battery magazine, Li-ion battery magazine, ball head, filter holder and wide-angle diffusor. It is fully compatible with the Nissin Air System and can be wirelessly controlled using the Nissin Air 10s trigger.

The Nissin Air System is the award-winning 2.4GHz wireless control system that gives the user the power to create almost endless lighting options. Using one trigger, up to 8 groups of flashguns can be operated remotely, with full control over all settings in TTL or manual mode.

This flashgun is also available as a bundle with an Air 10s commander for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm or Micro Four Thirds systems.

Guide no. GN80 at 200mm; GN47.5 at 35mm
Compatible commanders Air 10s, Air 1
Compatible receivers Air R
Zoom coverage 24-200mm motorised outer zoom, 18mm with diffusor
Power source (not included) 2 x 26650 Li-ion batteries (4000mAh or higher) or 8 AA rechargeable batteries
Recycling time 1.5-3.5 seconds (depending on power)
Number of flashes (approx) 200-500 (depending on power)
Flash duration 1/10000~1/167 sec
Colour temperature 5600K
Control and communication Nissin Air System (Air 10s for full control)
Setting Channel setting, group setting, open mode
Wireless mode 2.4 GHz with Nissin NAS system
EV Compensation None / set by commander
Bounce position -7~90 deg vertical, +/- 180 deg horizontal
Manual mode power ratio 1/256~1/1 with 1/3 steps
LED modelling 8W LED, approx. 4 hours operation
External power pack socket Yes
Shutter release Cable to camera or by NAS
Tripod mount Standard 1/4” screw thread
Bracket mount Left or right mountable
Flash tube life 100,000 full power flashes
Accessories AA battery and Li-ion battery magazines, ball head, filter holder, wide-angle diffusor
Dimensions 210 x 145 x 80mm
Weights 975g without batteries
NFG020C/BUNDLE Nissin MG10 Flash plus Air 10s Commander for Canon 4938574800060 IN STOCK £574.99
NFG020N/BUNDLE Nissin MG10 Flash plus Air 10s Commander for Nikon 4938574800077 IN STOCK £574.99
NFG020S/BUNDLE Nissin MG10 Flash plus Air 10s Commander for Sony 4938574800084 IN STOCK £574.99
NFG020FJ/BUNDLE Nissin MG10 Flash plus Air 10s Commander for Fujifilm 4938574800091 IN STOCK £574.99
NFG020FT/BUNDLE Nissin MG10 Flash plus Air 10s Commander for Micro Four Thir 4938574800107 IN STOCK £574.99
NFG020 Nissin MG10 High Powered Hammerhead Zoom Flash 4938574800053 IN STOCK £474.99