Memory Storage

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We have a variety of Phillips Memory products. The range includes Memory Cards and USB Flash Drives. Both the Memory Cards and USB Flash Drives range from 2GB up to 64GB.

MEM301 Philips 8GB SDHC card class 10 8719274668633 IN STOCK £8.32
MEM302 Philips 16GB SDHC card class 10 8719274668671 IN STOCK £8.63
MEM303 Philips 32GB SDHC card class 10 8719274668718 IN STOCK £12.29
MEM304 Philips 64GB SDHC card class 10 8712581673192 IN STOCK £23.41
MEM401 Philips 8GB Micro SDHC card 8712581667542 IN STOCK £8.12
MEM402 Philips 16GB Micro SDHC card 8712581667559 IN STOCK £8.29
MEM403 Philips 32GB Micro SDHC card 8719274669111 IN STOCK £10.80
MEM404 Philips 64GB Micro SDXC card 4895185602646 IN STOCK £22.62
MEM501S Philips USB 8GB flash drive 8719274667896 IN STOCK £5.96
MEM502 Philips USB 16GB flash drive 8719274667933 IN STOCK £6.26
MEM503 Philips USB 32GB flash drive 8719274667971 IN STOCK £6.84
MEM504 Philips USB 64GB flash drive 8719274668015 IN STOCK £12.42
MEM602 Philips USB 3.0 16GB flash drive 8712581635961 IN STOCK £7.52
MEM603 Philips USB 3.0 32GB flash drive 8712581635978 OUT OF STOCK -
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MEM604 Philips USB 3.0 64GB flash drive 8719274668213 IN STOCK £15.16
MEM701 Philips Universal Memory Card Reader USB 3.0 23942977094 OUT OF STOCK -
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MEM702 Philips Pocket Memory Card Reader USB 2.0 23942977063 IN STOCK £10.20