Negative Bags

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Manufactured from acid-free translucent glazed paper, these paper negative storage bags are supplied in bulk sizes for use in labs and photo developing mini labs.

Products are supplied to trade customers only, current stockists are listed in our Where to Buy section at the top of this page.

NB002 Neg.Bag 2.75x2.75 for 6x6 (1000) 5023168003305
NB003 Neg.Bag 2.75x3.75 for 6x9 (1000) 5023168003329
NB005 Neg.Bag 2.75x8 for 120 (1000) 5023168003367
NB006 Neg.Bag 4.25x5.25 for 4x5" (1000) 5023168003381
NB007 Neg.Bag 5.5x7.5 for 5x7 (1000) 5023168003404
NB009 Neg.Bag 8.5x10.5 for 8x10 (500) 5023168003442
NB010 Neg.Bag10.5x12.5 for 10x12 (500) 5023168003466
NB011 Neg.Bag12.5x16.5 for 12x16 (500) 5023168003473
NB012 Neg.Bag 17x21 for 16x20 (250) 5023168003480