Takeway Clampod Spare Parts

Spare parts are available for the Takeway T1 Clampod. Available are spare release clips, ball head knobs, screw adapters, and the inner jaw. A spare handle and stand are also available to purchase.

TY104 Takeway T-RC01 Quick Release Clip 4715409206422 IN STOCK £6.35
TY105 Takeway T-RK01 Quick Release Knob 4715409206446 IN STOCK £2.15
TY106 Takeway T-BK01 Ball Head Knob 4715409206453 IN STOCK £2.50
TY107 Takeway T-SA23 Screw Adapter (2 to 4715409206460 IN STOCK £2.50
TY108 Takeway T-SA25 Screw Adapter (2 to 4715409206477 IN STOCK £2.75
TY109 Takeway T-IJ01 Inner Jaw (IJ01) 4715409206408 IN STOCK £2.50
TY110 Takeway T-H01 Handle 4715409206415 IN STOCK £2.15
TY111 Takeway T-S01 Stand 4715409206439 IN STOCK £2.15
TYRC02 Takeway Quick Release Clip with notch 4715409206538 IN STOCK £7.75
TYRC03 Takeway Quick Release Clip-Action 4715409206545 IN STOCK £7.75