Takeway T1 Clampod

The Takeway T1 is an all in one versatile mini tripod and clamping system with a wide range of accessories optionally available to enhance its usefulness.

The T1 allows the user to support Camcorders, DSLR Cameras, Smartphones, Tablet Computers, Flash, Lighting and other electronic equipment securely and easily in place. It is supplied with its own mini Ball Head with a QR plate which will support loads of up to 3Kg. If heavier equipment is to be used then a more substantial Ball Head may be used.

The Takeway is ideal for “Selfies”

The T1 is manufactured from Aeronautical quality Aluminium Alloy which is immensely strong and the main body of the Clamp will support weights of up to 40 Kg.

The Takeway lends itself to a whole host of different uses in the Photo, Digital and Video business. It also has many applications for action cameras used in extreme sports and will lock onto a variety of surfaces.

This includes cycle handlebars, surf boards, sports equipment, cars, tree branches and pipes to name a few. This versatility enables the user to work in difficult areas or angles when filming or taking pictures hand held or when using a tripod is not possible.

The jaws of the Takeway Body open to 53mm. The surface of the jaws has 3 different grip finishes to suit the clamping surface. The ergonomic disc handle of the clamp is manufactured in soft plastic and is precise and easy to use, making the action fast and easy.

Main Features:

1. For use with DSLR cameras, action cameras, camcorders, smartphones, tablets and a wide range of photo digital electronic accessories

2. Clamps onto most surfaces and objects up to 53mm thick

3. High load bearing, 40Kg for main clamp, 3Kg when using Ball Head

4. Use in inaccessible places or at difficult angles where it is normally difficult to film or operate

Material Aeronautical grade aluminium alloy and nylon
Size- Extended 12.5 (L)x9 (W)x16 (H)cm
Size- Folded 17.3 (L)x3.1 (W)x15 (H)cm
Clamping Range up to 53mm
Weight 200g
Ballhead Load Capacity 3kg
Camera plate connection ¼" connection, quick release plate
Clamp Load Capacity 40kg
Kit Includes Main Clamp, Ball Head, Smartphone holder, Stand, Storage Pouch
Available accessories Spare quick release plates, flex neck, tablet holder

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