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Elevate your photography with Kenro's exceptional photo tripods collection. Our tripods are designed to provide stability and versatility, ensuring your shots are always on point. Whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our carefully curated selection of tripods caters to your unique needs. From compact and lightweight options for on-the-go shooting to robust models for studio setups, find the perfect tripod to enhance your photographic skills. Explore Kenro's photo tripod collection now and take your photography to the next level!

photography tripod on location
photography tripod on location

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Karoo Ultimate Travel Tripod Kit (Carbon Fibre)

Karoo Ultimate Travel Tripod Kit (Carbon Fibre)



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  • Number of sections 4
  • Weight 1.93kg
  • Maximum leg diameter 28mm
  • Minimum leg diameter 18mm
  • Maximum working height 1870mm
  • Minimum working height 205mm
  • Folded length 480mm
  • Maximum load 10kg
  • Maximum monopod height 1775mm
Karoo Ultimate Travel Tripod Kit (Aluminium)

Karoo Ultimate Travel Tripod Kit (Aluminium)



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  • Number of sections 4
  • Weight 2.15kg
  • Max leg diameter 27mm
  • Min leg diameter 19mm
  • Maximum working height 1670mm
  • Minimum Working height 173mm
  • Folded length 455mm
  • Maximum Load 10kg
  • Maximum monopod height 1740mm
Karoo Pro Travel Tripod Kit Large

Karoo Pro Travel Tripod Kit Large



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  • Number of sections 4
  • Weight 1.88kg
  • Maximum leg diameter 27mm
  • Minimum leg diameter 19mm
  • Maximum working height 1641mm
  • Normal working height 1411mm
  • Minimum working height 250mm
  • Folded length 470mm
  • Maximum weight load 12kg
  • Maximum monopod height 1730mm
Karoo Pro Travel Tripod Kit Small

Karoo Pro Travel Tripod Kit Small



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  • Number of sections 4
  • Weight 1.58kg
  • Maximum leg diameter 25mm
  • Minimum leg diameter 15mm
  • Maximum working height 1647mm
  • Normal working height 1412mm
  • Minimum working height 237mm
  • Folded length 464mm
  • Maximum weight load 7kg
  • Maximum monopod height 1723mm
Karoo Compact Travel Tripod Kit

Karoo Compact Travel Tripod Kit



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  • Number of sections 4
  • Weight 1.15kg
  • Maximum height with centre column 162cm
  • Maximum height without centre column 142cm
  • Folded length 39.5cm
  • Maximum load 6kg
  • Construction Aluminium Alloy
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Diagonal Blue Background
  • I've been looking to buy a travel tripod to use with my Canon 5D Mk IV for some time but couldn't justify the expense of a top of the range make. This one had excellent reviews so l decided to take the plunge before my summer holiday. Arrived very well packed and on time. Instruction book is a bit basic but that didn't prevent me from quickly getting set up and exploring what the tripod can do. Very flexible and the ability to change the centre column to a horizontal position is a real bonus and was the deciding factor when making my choice.

    - Percy

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  • Well-made, quality travel tripod with seemingly little trade off in stability. I have cheaper, heavier tripods which do not have any more stability than this. I already have a Manfrotto monopod and a Velbon tripod, but I can easily see this replacing both of those, especially on days out and holidays. Would recommend.

    - Ian

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    Karoo Pro Travel Tripod Kit Small Karoo Pro Travel Tripod Kit Small
  • Sturdy and reliable, plus a lot cheaper than the premium brands out there. The only negative so far is the screw on the ball head could benefit from some fine-tuning. At the moment it can be a bit difficult to find that sweet spot between fully clamped and free-moving. But I guess that'll improve with time as everything beds in? Either way, I'm most happy with the kit, which was delivered extra quickly and wrapped perfectly.

    - JS

With a range of nine models encompassing everything form entry level, to professional, to heavy duty, Kenro's tripod and monopod kits are expertly designed and engineered for exceptional value and years of good, reliable service. Manufactured in eight layers of high quality carbon fibre or in magnesium aluminium alloy, each tripod is supplied as a kit with convenient carry case and a matched ball head, and comes with a six year limited warranty.

Designed to be compact and travel friendly without compromising on stability or ease of use, these tripods have twist-lock legs that adjust out with stops in three positions for low level photography, plus a retractable hook underneath the centre column for attaching weights for added stability. With the exception fo the entry-level model (KENTR103), all tripods are also supplied with both standard and short centre columns, have rubber and spiked feet for all kinds of terrain, and feature a removeable leg for conversion to a monopod when space is at a premium.