Professional CD/DVD Folio

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Professional quality CD Folios designed for Wedding and Studio Photographers, and ideal for presenting a finished wedding or other commission.

All are finished in smooth PU material with wrap round covers featuring magnetic closure, and a 2.5×2.5 inch frame on the front cover for a photo or artwork.

The single CD/DVD Folio is available in either black or white, and will hold 1 CD/DVD and one 4x5” photo.

The double CD/DVD Folio is available in black only to hold 2 CDs/DVDs inside. Folios are supplied in shrink wrapped presentation boxes.

CDF01B CD/DVD Folio with 1 tray + 1 photo 5023168029480 IN STOCK £9.99
CDF01W CD/DVD Folio with 1 tray + 1 photo 5023168034750 IN STOCK £9.99
CDF02B CD/DVD Folio with 2 trays 5023168034743 IN STOCK £9.99