5 Essentials for Any Beginner Filmmaker

Starting your filmmaking journey can sometimes feel a little bit daunting; which camera is best? What lighting set up should I be using? Do I need a tripod? In this blog post, we’ll take you through the top 5 essentials that will kick start your filmmaking journey off without a hitch.


You’ve chosen your camera, now what about its legs? A tripod is an essential piece of kit no matter what kind of filmmaking or videography you’re looking to do – whether it’s a sturdy reliable like our Kenro Twin Tube Video Tripod Kit which has been specially developed for the pros; or whether you’re wanting something more compact and travel friendly like the Takeway Clampods. We go into more detail about choosing the right tripod for you in our Buying Guide: Tripods.

Video Heads

Second to a tripod, a tripod head is the most important tool for any filmmaker, and there are so many different types! From triple action ball heads, to gimbals or sliders it really does depend on what kind of videography you’re looking to make as to what kind of video heads is best or most versatile for you. For a full comprehensive dive into tripod heads, have a read of our Buying Guide: Tripod Heads.

LED Lighting

An external compact LED panel is the perfect addition to your arsenal.  If you’re looking for a compact fill light, the Kenro Smart Lite RGB Compact LED Video Light is the versatile and neat LED you’ll want to be packing in your camera bag. With a full temperature range and a 360-degree RGB colour spectrum, it offers limitless creativity. If you’re looking for a larger filler light, the equally impressive Kenro Smart Lite RBG Video Panel Light is a winner. Or if vlogging is more of your filmmaking calling, the Kenro Smart Lite 19” RGB Ring Light Kit is the perfect set up for beauty portraits.

Lighting Stands

For the ultimate set up, no matter if you’re shooting in studios or out on location, is a decent and lightweight lighting stand to go with your flash new LED lighting. Kenro have a number that are perfect for the job, but we would always highly recommend the 2m Lighting Stand. With three-folding legs, compact aluminium alloy structure and only weighing in at 850g, it’s the stable, durable but most importantly portable lighting stand that’s perfect for whatever you’re filming.


Finally, no video is complete without high quality audio. Using something small and discreet like the Kenro Lavalier Mic is the perfect way to pick-up top-notch sound without impeding on the cinematic visuals; perfect for interviews or vlogging. Or if you’re looking for a more multi-functional mic, the Kenro Universal Cardioid Mic is a great external shotgun mic that gives you natural sound in a range of scenarios including multi-person interviews, vlogs and presentations.