Kenro Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head Kenro Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head
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These ball heads are pecision manufactured in aluminium alloy and are designed for lightweight, compact and stable performance in use with modern cameras and tripods. All ball heads feature 3/8" fittings, a built-in spirit level and Arca Swiss-style quick release plate, and are supplied with fabric carry bags. They are designed to fit Kenro and other leading makes of camera tripods. Supplied with a 2-year warranty.

Also manufactured from high quality carbon fibre and aluminium, Kenro's Gimbal Head is designed for use with large telephoto lenses and DSLR cameras. The elevated tilt mechanism and height-adjustable platform enable the user to perfectly align the tilt axis of the head with the camera / lens centre of gravity. The gimbal design makes it easy to manipulate very large lenses around the centre of gravity. The 360-degree smooth panning base and swinging arm have dial indicators and separate locks, making this gimbal head ideal for sporting events, nature and long-distance photography, especially fast-moving subjects.

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