How To Archive Your Genealogy Finds with Kenro

Amateur genealogy has never been so popular, as people seek to discover their identity through family history (whether through or on a more granular level DNA -diving with 23andme) and find their roots in an increasingly chaotic world. Old slides, negatives and photographs passed down through families provide precious tangible links to the past, but without proper care and storage, these memories could be lost forever. From digitisation, to viewing, to proper storage, our range of archival products contains just what you need, whether you're just looking to scan your photos, slides and negatives to preserve them for posterity, or you just want to bring new life to old memories.

Keeping Them Safe

Whether you're just starting your ancestry journey, or whether you've been collecting heritage photography and documents for years, it's important to keep those precious items safe. If you're looking for a slightly less permanent storage solution, or one that is much more practical over pretty, negative bags and negative file pages is the best way to keep heritage photography is pristine condition. All the Kenro Negative File Pages and Photo Pages are compatible with most types of ring binders.

View The Past

Even if the original print is long gone, slides and film negatives are often left behind. Using a slide or film viewer will allow you to examine photography taken without the originals. Kenro's X3 Slide Viewer offer up to 3x magnification for standard 35mm film and mounted slides. It's important that, like in the Kenro Slide Viewers, that the magnifying glass lens prevents distortion and provides optimum clarity to be sure that you're viewing the image as true to life as possible.

Go Digital

If viewing isn't quite enough and you want to build a digital folio of your ancestry, the Kenro 4-in-1 Scanner converts photos, slides, negatives and business card size documents into digital images. Here the creativity is endless! Whether you decide to colourise black and white images, enhance and preserve them or whether you want to share your heritage with ease. Supporting photographs up to 7x5" and 35mm negative or positive film strips or 35mm slides. With a built in LCD screen, you can preview your images and make sample edits making the digital cataloguing process a whole lot easier.

Display Your Heritage

Your genealogy and heritage isn't something that should be stored in a box. Your photography, whether original copies or prints from your digitised versions, can be stored in a range of different photo albums no matter the size of the images; something like our Grace Traditional Albums that can hold photographs non-standard sizing with the aid of photo corners or adhesive. Alternatively, you could display your ancestors in a gallery wall with classic frames such as the sleek Senator Series, more natural Clifton series or get creative in our Tundra Series Collage Frames.

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