Press Release: Kenro Smart Lighting Solutions For Every Project

With almost half a century of experience in the photographic industry, Kenro is adept at providing creatives with just what they need, supplying an expertly curated range of photo and video hardware that is well-known for being highly specified at a competitive price point. 

Kenro’s all-new Smart Lites are no exception. Launching this week, this high performance LED light series is packed with features to enhance every project. Designed for photographers and film makers on the go, they boast high quality, accurate light, multiple mounting and power options, and full precision control at your fingertips with the compatible smartphone app (selected models). The entire range is designed for portability, offering professional lighting whether shooting in the studio or on location. 

Leading the charge for the initial launch is the pocket-sized powerhouse that is the RGB Compact LED Video Light (KSLP102), retailing at £84.99. This compact RGB light is ideal for photo and video projects, and is bright enough for all kinds of purposes, whether you need a key light, a fill light, or just some strategic highlights. It features an integrated 4040mAh battery and 10W output, lasting around 1.6 hours on a full charge. With CRI (Ra) 96+ and a CCT colour temperature range of 7500-3200K, users can be assured of top quality light that won’t distort or alter colours. Producing 720 LM of brightness, the KSLP102 panel provides up to 1050 Lux of illumination (7500K at 0.5m) and boasts nine built-in special lighting effects for film makers. 
It also features a full 360-degree RGB colour spectrum, with 1-100% controls for both brightness and saturation, offering millions of colours to choose from and limitless creativity. This ultra-lightweight panel is approximately the size of an average smartphone, compact and slim enough to slip into a pocket or store discreetly in your kit bag to keep handy for every project. With a powerful magnet built into the strong aluminium alloy casing, this light can be mounted in even the most awkward spaces. A smartphone app provides complete control over colour temperature, RGB colour, saturation, brightness and special effects, for easy adjustments when the light is out of reach.  
The KSLP102 RGB Light Panel kit contains everything that creatives need to get working straight out of the box. As well as the light panel, users receive a mini ball head, USB-C charging cable, detachable diffuser, cotton carry bag and handy instruction sheet.  

Also in this product launch is the entry-level Bi-Colour Compact LED Video Light (KSLP101), retailing at £49.99 and suitable for all kinds of photo and video projects, including live streaming, video shooting, interviews, portraits, weddings, macro photography and more. Like its RGB counterpart, this light is powered by an integrated 4040mAh integrated battery, which provides approximately 1.9 hours’ continuous output at 100% brightness, with a power output of 9W. This panel light also functions as a power bank, with a standard USB output port allowing users to charge smartphones or other USB-powered device if they find themselves low on juice out on location. The panel is protected by a lightweight but strong aluminium casing to help it withstand the rigours of life on location, and is provided with a soft drawstring carry bag to keep it safe from scuffs and scrapes in your pocket or kit bag. Two ¼” screw threads are built into the casing, and the light is supplied with a compatible mini ball head for mounting. 
This high-quality light features CRI (Ra) 96 and a CCT colour temperature range of 5600-3200K (adjustable in 300K increments). Producing 810 LM of brightness, the KSLP101 panel provides up to 1150 Lux of illumination (5600K at 0.5m). The brightness is adjustable 0-100% in 5% increments, and all settings are laid out on the crystal-clear display on the rear of the panel, allowing you to easily recreate your exact settings for future shoots. It is supplied as a complete kit containing the KSLP101 video light, a USB-C charging cable, mini ball head, cotton carry bag and handy instruction sheet. 

An individual aluminium mini ball head (KSLX101) is also available, retailing at £14.99. With a maximum load capacity of 10kg, the KSLX101 combines great specifications with clever design to give you a versatile piece of kit in a compact package. 
The base of the ball head has a standard cold shoe insert, making it easy to mount on top of DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The cold shoe insert has a 1/4" screw thread in the plate, and the insert can also be removed to reveal a 3/8” screw thread for a greater range of compatibility with tripods and light stands. The top plate of the ball head features a 1/4" screw for attaching accessories, and the plate can be removed and reversed to reveal a cold shoe for even more versatility, allowing accessories such as microphones and off-camera flash to be mounted. 

The final product in this initial launch is a smartphone adapter (KSLX102) retailing at £5.99. This versatile piece of kit provides the framework for a full portable rig for smartphone photography and film making, with two cold shoe slots (top and back) for additional accessories such as light panels and microphones. It is compatible with devices 5-10cm wide, and holds devices securely clamped between two plates with textured rubber grips. The plates are tightened and loosened by a screw on top of the smartphone holder. A screw on the back of the base can be used to rotate the smartphone holder to portrait or landscape mode, or removed completely to allow the holder to be used independently. The base features a 3/8” screw thread for mounting the adapter to grip handles, tripods and light stands, whereas the holder has two 1/4" screw threads (base and back). 

These four products are in stock and available to purchase now. Our powerful, portable, accurate Smart Lite series offers some of the best specified lights on the market at their price point, and will be expanded over the coming months with more bright, versatile lighting products and accessories designed for creatives of all levels. 

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